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Total support for the Food & Beverage Industry, from Store Operation to Business Strategizing

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Triplo Plus is a company that operates restaurants in the Kansai, Central, and Kanto area of Japan. They are growing rapidly, aiming to be the most loved restaurant in each region.

As they continue to expand on a wide variety restaurant types such as take-out delis, restaurants, cafes, and shabu-shabu, Mediamix's [FOODIT] assists the company by centralizing the data.

When we planned to expand our restaurant locations, we decided to re-consider the system at the time due to potential issues in scaling. An important factor was the ability to manage all restaurants' profitability, including analysis of sales, inventory, and labor costs, all in one place. Another factor was to be able to have our company's own unique functions and settings.

Mediamix had successfully integrated with a weighing scale solution, and provided customizations that were necessary to our business. Cost performance was high, and was backed up with a reliable support system.
The final decision was based on trust.

Thanks to the ability to see real-time restaurant data, we communicate clearer instructions to each restaurant while checking the sales data. Additionally, we are able to strategize to further improve sales based on collected data.
We enabled each restaurant to be able to see other restaurants' sales data. By doing so, we have improved motivation and solidified goals, improving overall sales.
It is very convenient that each manager can group and view data freely regardless of restaurant type. Additionally, the work we used to do through fax and telephone can now be done just by entering numbers on the management page, significantly decreasing workload. Being able to go paperless is another factor that we are happy about.
Lastly, as the demands for the POS system change, we are very thankful that Mediamix quickly adapts and offers solutions.

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Total support for the Food & Beverage Industry, from Store Operation to Business Strategizing