"For the maximum sales with minimum costs"
By using iPads/Android tablets for ordering device, the cost could be lower than using conventional systems.
The intuitive user interface allows for easy operation by anyone.
In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, vivid product photographs increase menus’ visual appeal.


We'll set up the flexible environments for numbers of outlets, operations.


The three advantages gained with implementation

  1. Customers can freely place orders on their own time and at their own pace, leading to additional orders and increased sales.
  2. This leads to less instances of asking the customer for their order, allowing you to keep the number of hall staff to a minimum.
  3. Compared with conventional paper menus, recommended dishes and the main menu can be easily changed.

Convenient features that support business operations

Can accommodate all-you-can-drink and all-you-can-eat menus.

Allows for time management for each course and the changing of menus.
Has the ability to set limits on the number of simultaneous orders.

Features one-touch language switching.

One-touch switching between Japanese, English and Chinese is available to accommodate international customers.

Inherits the operability of the POS master maintenance.

The menu layout can be freely changed.
Features drag and drop and can assign different shapes and sizes to buttons.


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