Freely customisable POS functionality
We can create POS systems combining over 3000 objects (working parts) according to the operations specific to outlets.
Functionality introduced in outlets can also be reconfigured easily for other outlets to suit each outlet deployment and its conditions.


We can provide POS systems to perfectly suit your applications.


Basic functionality

POS functions: Outlet openings, sales, in/out payments, inspections, accounting, outlet closings, and time cards Back-office functions: Receipt search, sales trends, totals reports, menu ABC analysis, electronic journal downloads, manager maintenance, attendance monitoring, sales analysis, reservations, and customer services.

Receipt search

Earnings, menu details, discounts etc. can be identified from a receipt level, allowing for accurate real-time business analysis.

Analytic functions

Sales performance can be shown through both the number of customers and revenue per customer. Sales can be totalled over specific periods for each menu item/group.

Accounting checks

Daily accounting results are shown. Back records of total sales, total discounts, banked amount, discount details etc. can be referred to.


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