A business support system targeting food services
Combines the various functions needed for food and drink outlets.
We aim to reduce the office processing load on sales, ordering, purchasing and inventory control by smoothly connecting outlets, head offices and points of sale.

Successfully deployed in 15,000 outlets in Japan

FOODIT21 reflects sales data on various analytical tables after payment at a POS register. Know the projected budget achievement rate for each day and stay one step ahead of other stores.
In addition to top selling menu items, you can easily display rankings and the number of items sold, a useful feature when developing new menu items or controlling purchase quantities.

Subsystems overview

Step-by-step implementation is available

Sales Mgmt Quick sales reports,sales overviews,sales by date, time and group, total customer
volume reports, sales analysis reports etc.
Item Mgmt Totals by menu item, ABC analysis, change in orders by menu item , sales by menu
item etc.
Reconciliation Mgmt Receipt search, adjustment checking, credit coupon details, bank deposit details
Forecast Mgmt Entry of daily forecasts, head office forecasts,forecast overviews by outlet etc.
Profit Mgmt Profit targets , profit & loss estimates, forecast/actuals comparison for sales &
hours worked, man hours/sales overviews etc.
Order Mgmt Order lists, order overview, additional orders, web ordering, web order processing etc.
Stock Mgmt Inspection site selections, stock totals, stock totals by ingredient, inspection
notifications, stock record querying etc.
Price Mgmt Stock Mgmt, migration between shops, loss Mgmt, pricing dept. totals,
priced item totals etc.
Recipe Mgmt Recipe recordings, recipe comparisons, recipe print outs, displaying unit prices etc.
Customer service Customer information entry, Receipt scanning etc.
Reservations Reservation registration, Reserved seat allocation, Reservation status confirmation
Daily business reports Save/print daily business reports, manage schedules, customer feedback overviews
Attendance Mgmt Attendance entry, Shift application, Shift display by day, Work schedules for each time
period etc.
Permissions Mgmt Set permissions for viewing, approval, and printing.
Expense Mgmt Petty cash entry, arrears entry, outlet requests, head office authorization etc.
Charge accounts Outlet account processing etc.
Portal Weekly plans, messaging, file storage etc.

Detailed permission settings for each user

Permissions can be set for each user’s role and function, making it easy to handle cases where outlets need to be restricted. For example, different jobs, area leaders, franchise outlets, group companies etc.


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