Know what’s happening in outlets right now
"NetPOS" is a cloud service that provides this system via internet.
You could use the service wherever you have a computer and Internet access. Server monitoring and maintenance services ensure safety even if systems go down.
In addition to basic POS functions, wide range of operations including manager maintenance and sales data download are available.


We'll set up the flexible environments for numbers of outlets, operations.


Useful checkout functions

Individual billing functions

For cases where individuals in a group wish to pay for their own orders, bills be split into multiple bills, one for each person. In sales data they are treated as separate bills.

Bill sharing functions

Bills can be divided to give a rounded sum for each person in the party.

Easy-to-use Main Screen

Assignment of POS is easy via the drag & drop interface. Button size, layout and colours can be configured freely. Buttons can also be assigned images.

Varieties of Sales Reporting

Printing and exporting to CSV files also comes as standard.

Receipt search

Search results show records of all sales that have been processed, in real time - details are shown by clicking on the receipt number.

Menu ABC analysis

Ranking of menu items in each category, which can also be displayed by specific criteria such as period of time, accrual date, sales earnings, volume, profit earned etc. Printing and exporting to CSV files also comes as standard.


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